Club Update – April 23rd

Sunday Morning Mixed Club Session (from Gail Reynoldson, GC Chairperson)

Today was the second of our Sunday mixed sessions and, as can often be the case, a few different members were playing this week compared to last. One of the first pieces of feedback has been that members were not generally aware that we were looking to make changes, and I can only apologise for that. It was intended that notice of the Sunday format would be communicated to everyone in the  membership renewal letters/packs. However, it seems that many packs have still to be collected from the clubhouse which goes some way to explain why some of you feel that you were not aware of what was being planned.  During the course of the trial which started last week Steve, Alison, Debbie and I will be chatting to as many of you as possible to listen to your feedback and we would stress that we are in a trial period whilst your views are collected. We appreciate that change is difficult and can often times be resisted but we would only ask that members take part in at least a few sessions to be able to give feedback based on their personal experience as to how the session has/has not worked for them. We are working from results of the member survey which highlighted that sessions were working well for some but not for others. What we are hoping to achieve is to find a solution that will work for the majority of members and would appreciate your help.

Summer Team Trophy 2018

The Summer Team Trophy (STT) will restart in mid May with the first fixture likely to be on Friday 17th May. The STT 2018 will run along similar lines to previous years with hopefully four teams competing in round-robin matches and perhaps a Supermatch or two which involve all the teams on one evening. The top two teams will qualify for the Grand Final which is likely to be around the first Friday in September. It’s a fun, inclusive competition, with all sections of the club playing in a competitive and fun environment. Depending on the numbers who sign up, you’ll be likely to play on average roughly four or five times over the summer, not every fixture. So if you’d like to play in the STT 2018 just email me asap!

Club Memberships

Just a note to say that Membership Pack envelopes are ready to pick up in the bar lounge area of the clubhouse. Please pick up your pack as they have all the necessary information for your membership at Reedham Park.

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