Reedham Update April 1st

Start of Summer Season American Tournament
On April 7th we will be holding our ‘Start of Summer Season’ American tournament. It will start at 2 pm, costs £3  including tea and is open to all senior members. There will be a sign up sheet on the notice board or you can email Alison on 
Summer Season
A reminder that the Summer season has just started today (Sunday 1st April). This means that Monday and Thursday evening sessions are now Team Match Practice nights and Summer Senior sessions begin at 1400hrs on Saturdays, rather than at 1300hrs.
RPSC Wimbledon Ticket Draw (Sunday 22 April 2018 at 12 noon in the clubhouse)
A reminder that we have been awarded more pairs of tickets for Wimbledon from the Ballot this year than last year which is great so thank you once again. If you opted in you are eligible to be entered into the draw being held on Sunday 22 April 2018.  If you would prefer not be included in the draw just let Ann Fletcher know via email to and she will remove your name.
A list of the tickets we have been awarded is on display in the clubhouse together with the ballot rules issued by the LTA.  If you are thinking of coming to the ballot it is worth spending some time considering your availability over the Wimbledon fortnight before the draw takes place.  Tickets are drawn in the order of Centre Court, Court One, Court Two and then Court Three.  If your name is drawn you are able to select any pair of tickets from those tickets remaining in the draw.  A list of reserves will also be drawn.  If any member is not able to use the tickets they have drawn they are offered to the person at the top of the reserve list.  Any member is only offered one pair of tickets.
Reedham News
In a remarkable turnaround Steve ‘Pie-eater’ Edwards after investing heavily recently in a debonair 1970’s All Blacks tracksuit has decided to spurn his double-stringed Blackburne racket and return to the more conventional and definitely legal one-stringed regular tennis racket. Club members were heard to be shocked at the dramatic news! In further news Graham ‘Veteran Singles winner four years in a row but not this year!’ Granger was spotted at the club drinking an orange juice rather than his customary real ale beer. Coupled with this shock news was that Graham was actually heard talking positively and upbeat! Rumour is that he might be starting out on a new career as a motivational speaker!
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