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Darts Night – 23rd February

Paul Gavin is organising a Darts Night on the 23rd February. Please remember to sign up either in the club house or emailing or texting Paul. It’s pay on the day and you’ll be given a country when you turn up, but we need to know numbers for the catering before the event.

For anybody that hasn’t been before or is not sure of the format. It’s a collection of fun pub dart team games which will be explained before each round. There’s about 4/5 boards that will be put up and teams will be arranged on the day. For anyone that’s had any experience trying to hit a double to finish a game, no need to panic as there will be none of that. 

If you’re still not sure about darts then please come along for a drink. 

Security of the clubhouse

We would ask members to please consider the security of the grounds and clubhouse when leaving and ensure: 

  • All internal gates to courts are closed
  • Outside gates to Lodge Hill are closed (not left on the catch as with Court 5 quite often)
  • All clubhouse doors are closed (including the back door)
  • All clubhouse lights are turned off when not needed (to save electricity costs)
  • The committee room door is locked if you have had occasion to open it. 
  • The bar is locked and alarmed (it has been found on several occasions recently either locked but not alarmed or alarmed but not locked) Anyone who takes responsibility for opening the bar should ensure that the bar is properly locked and alarmed, or that responsibility is left with another member, before they leave.

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